Flourite Point
Swirls of Black Agate Decor Item
Agate with Open Geode Pocket Paperweight
Blue Moonstone Pear Ring size 6
Druzy/Drusy Agate Geode
Green Moldavite Pendant moldpsnp42
Green with Light Greens Agate Slice
Moldavite and Amethyst Swirl Pendant
Open Cave Agate Geode
Purple Amethyst Geode
Rough Moldavite, Peridot, Opal Bracelet ONE OF A KIND Fire, Warmth and Release
Sodalite Bookends
1 1/2" Labradorite Sphere
12MM Jade Bead Bracelet
2 1/4" Satin Spar Sphere / Ball
26 Purple Fluorite
6 Amehyst Spheres
A Different Growth Pattern of Agate Slice
A Hint of Amethyst, Dolomite Agate Geode
A Spot of White in the Green Agate Obelisk
A Touch of Amethyst
A WOW of Labradorite & Peridot Bracelet
Abalone / Paua Shell Butterfly Brooch Pendant
Abalone Ring size 9
Abalone Shell Jewelry Pendant
Adjustable Larimer Ring
Agate & Amethyst Geodes
Agate Art Decor Piece on Wood Base
Agate Crystal Cave Geode
Agate Geode Crystal Egg
Agate Geodes Bowl with Lid
Agate Paperweight or Decor Item
Agate Slices & Decor Items
All Natural (not dyed) Burma Jade Beads
All Natural (not dyed) Burma Jade Rings/Beads
Altantis Stone / Larimar Ring size 7 1/2
Amazonite Pendant
Amber Flower Earrings
Amber Ring
Amethyst Sphere / Ball 2 1/2"
Amethyst / Diamond Lever Back 14KT Gold Earrings
Amethyst Crystal Points 34 total
Amethyst Pendant and Earring Set
An Agate Slice Accent for Any Decor
another view
Antique Look Gold Tiger Accent of Amethyst Pendant
Any Decor Book Ends for Large Books
Apatite & Pearl Earrings
Aquamarine & Diamond 14kt White Gold Lever Back Earrings
Aquamarine & Diamond Ring 14kt White Gold size 7
Artisian Crazy Lace Jasper Sterling Silver Bracelet
Azuite with Malchite
Azurite with a Kiss of Malachite Specimen
Back of Earrings
Back of Pendant
Back side of amethyst earrings
Banded Banded Calcite Chalices / Goblets Set of 2 in Gift Box
Banded Sardonyx Carnelian Bracelet
Barite / Calcite Specimen
Barite on Amethyst Geode Cluster
Barium and White Moonstone Pendant
Beaded Amber Earrings
Bi-Color Citrine & Smokey Quartz Pendant
BIG BOLD Black Onyx Ring Size 6
Black / Brown and White Agate
Black and White Agate Decor Item
Black Druzy Agate Earrings by Charles Albert
Black Druzy/Druse Agate Ring size 7
Black Onyx Oval Ring size 8
Black Sardonyx Earrings
Blue & Green Larimar Pendant
Blue and Green Labradorite Ring size 9
Blue Chalcedony Oval Ring Size 7 1/2 to 8
Blue Chalcedony Sterling Silver Earrings
Blue Labradorite Sphere / Ball
Blue Lace Agate Pendant
Blue Moonstone Ring from Nepal Size 6
Blue Topaz & Blue Moonstone Pendant in sterling silver
Blue topaz & diamond pendant
Blue Topaz / Diamond Earrings and Pendant Set 14KT White Gold
Blue Topaz diamond earrings
Blue Topaz Pendant
Blue Topaz Spiral Pendant
Blue Topaz, Amethyst, Rainbow Moonstone Slide Pendant
Blue Topaz, Blue Labradorite, Blue Moonstone Pendant
Blueberry Purple Agate Obelisk
Blues and White Agate Decor Item
Blues, Clear and Black Decor Agate Stone Slice
Botswana Agate Bracelet
Brown and White Agate Decor Item
Bubble Gum Pink Rose Quartz Pendant
Bubble Gum Pink Rose Quartz Star Sphere
Calcite from Brazil on Custom Wood Base
Calcite Mineral Formation
Cameo Cat Pendant
Carnelian Agate Decor ISlice
Carnelian Frog Eye Stone / Rock Bookends
Carnelian Ring Size , 8 and 9
Carved Pearlized Shell with Sherry Topaz Pendant Designer Limited Edition
Cat Ring Back
Cat's Eye or Satin Spar Egg
Checker Board Faceted Smokey Quartz Pendant
Chevron Agate Pendant
Chinese Green Fluorite Wand HO40
Chinese Turquoise Pendant
Citrine Dangle Earrings
Citrine Stone Cross Pendant
Clear and White and Blue Agate Oh My
Clear Quartz Stone Obelisks
Clear Quartz Cluster CQC318
Clear Quartz Crystal with Mineral Specimen
Clear Quartz Obelisk
Clear Quartz Rutile Mineral Sphere / Ball
Clear Quartz with Phantoms
Close up of stones
Close up of the links
Closeup of bookends
Cluster of Tiny Crystals
Colors of Azurite with a Touch of Malachite
Colors of Labradorite Ring Size 10
Contact Us
Craved Dragon Bracelet
Craved Dragon Pendant with Peridot
Crazy Lace Jasper Ring Size 8 1/2
Crystals in the Purple Agate Obelisks
Crystals of Ruby Bracelet
Cultured Pearl & Green Jade Earrings
Cypress Petrified Wood Bookends For Super Size Books
Dalmantian Stone Ring Size 6
Dark Purple Triangle of Amethyst on a Wood Base
Deatil of Point
Deep Purple Amethyst Cluster from a Geode
Deep Purple Amethyst Grade A Sphere 3"
Deep Purple Amethyst with Crystals on the Front and Back
Desert Agate Pendant
Desert Jasper / Burma Teak Stone Obelisk
Designed by Charles Albert Cognac Druzy / Druse Earrings
Designer Black Onyx Ring
Designer Blue Labradorite Hinged Pendant
Designer Blue Topaz Bracelet
Designer Bracelet of Gaspeite / Ocean Jasper
Designer Brown Shell Bracelet
Designer Crazy Lace Jasper Ring with Red Garnet Accents
Designer Grade A Larimar 14KT Gold Tanzanite Accent
Designer Inspired Botswana Agate Bracelet
Designer Jewelry Crazy Lace Jasper Earrings
Designer Larimar Ring 14KT Yellow Gold size 6
Designer Larmiar / Atlantis Stone Pendant LARP7024
Designer Pendant Jewelry of Rainbow Moonstone, Blue Topaz, Amethyst
Designer Ring in Carnelian Size 6
Designer Salmon Topaz Larimar Pendant
Display Stands for Slices or Small Geodes 11 total stands
Do You Have Sea Shells? Designer Created Bracelet
Dolomite Phantoms in Clear Quartz
Druzy / Druse Agate Geode from Brazil
Druzy / Druse Agate Pendant
Druzy / Drusy Stone Earrings with Lever Backs
Druzy Crystals in the Geode
East / West Amethyst Ring size 7
East / West Labradorite Ring Size 7
East / West Metallic Blue Labradorite Pendant
East / West Oval Rose Quartz Sterling Silver Ring size 8
East/West Labradorite Pendant
East/West Oval Larimar Ring size 9
Eggs / Spheres / Balls
Electric Blue Moonstone Pendant
Elegant Decor Bookends for Larger Books
Elestial Smoky Quartz
Estate Jewelry
Estate jewelry Diamond and Garnet White Gold Pendant
Estate Jewelry Lady in Amber Cameo Pendant
Faceted Amethyst / Blue Topaz Pendant
Faceted Labradorite with Peridot Accents Pendant
Faceted Oval Aquamarine Stud Earrings 14K Gold
Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Solitare Engagement Ring Sizes 6 or 7
Fan Shaped Rose Quartz Pendant
Feng Shui For The Home and Office
Fossil Ammonite Earrings
Fossil Orthoceras Egg
Fossil Orthoceras Ring
Fossilized Agate Pendant
Free Form Larimar or Atlantis Stone Pendant
FreeForm Larimar Pendant
Fresh Water White and Peach Pearls, Semi Precious Gem Stone Necklace
Fresh Water White Pearls with Semi Precious Gemstones Necklace
Gem Stone RINGS
Gemmy Rose Quartz Generator
Genuine Sapphires and Diamonds Bracelet
Geode Pocket Agate Egg
Geode Pocket of Crystals Agate Sphere / Ball
Geode Slice of Green Agate
Gift Ideas
Gold Stone Pendant
Golden Citrine Dangle Earrings
Golden Pearlized Shell Bracelet
Golden Sheen Black Obsidian Sphere / Ball 4 inch Diameter
Golden Sheen Obisidian Sphere / Ball 4 1/4 inch
Golden Sheen Obsidian Ball / Sphere 4 inches in diameter
Golden Tiger Eye East/West Pendant
Golden Tiger Eye Slide Pendant
Grade A Larimar Pendant in 18 KT Gold
Grasshopper Green, Tan & White Agate Obelisk
Green & Brown Agate Obelisks
Green Agate Stone Bookends for Large Books
Green and White Agate Obelisk
Green Imperial Jasper Earrings
Green Labradorite Ship's Wheel Pendant
Green Rainbow Obsidian Paperweight
Green Stone Obelisks
Green Travertine Apple
Green, Tan and White Agate Obelisks
Guacamole Jasper Green Peridot Bracelet
Half Moon Pastel Rainbow Moonstone Pendant
Hammered Silver Garnet Pendant
Hand Crafted Clear Quartz Sea Horse
Hawaiian Sunset Labradorite Pendant
Hawk Eye / Blue Tiger Eye Ring Size 8
Hearts of Amber Earrings
Honeycomb Jasper / Mother of Pearl Pendant
How the Agate Grew Decor Item
Indonesian Pertified Palm Wood Bookends
Inspired by the Southwest Jasper Pendant
Iolite & Rainbow Moonstone Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings
Jade Earring 14kt gold Jewelry
Jali Amethyst Earrings
Jasper Earrings
Kitty Cameo Ring
Kyanite Earrings
Labradorite Medieval Jewel Ring Size 7
Labradorite Sphere / Ball
Labradorite Sterling Silver Pendant FP04p
Lady with Hat Amber Cameo Pin / Pendant
Lapis Lazuli & Rhodochrosite Inlay Pendant
Lapis Lazuli & Rhodochrosite Pendant and Earring Set
Lapis Lazuli Egg LAPE3083
Large 6" Amethyst Point/Generator
Large Golden/Purple Fluorite Display Speciman
Large Oval Larimar Earrings
Large Ovals of Turquoise Bracelet
Large Peach Calcite
Large Pear Ocean Jasper Designer Pendant
Large Shapes of Rainbow Moonstone Bracelet
Large Smoky Quartz Generator
Large-Size Geode Carnelain Bookends for Large-Size Books
Larimar Lariat Necklace
Larimar Ring Size 5 1/2
Larimar Stone Ring in a Step Design size 5
Larimar with Tanzanite Accents 14KT Gold Size 6
Larimar, Diamond and Tanzanite Pendant 14K Gold
Larimer Pendant
Larmiar or Atlantis Stone Dangle Earrings
Leopard Jasper Stone Bracelet
Light Smoky Quartz Sphere with Rainbow Inclusions
Links of bracelet
Links of Dragon Bracelet
Links of Smoky Quartz
Long Amber Dangle Earrings
Lot 1 Herkimer Diamond Quartz Pendants total 11
Lot 2 Herkimer Diamond Pendants
Lots of Pinks Abalone / Paua Shell Pendant
Marquis Rainbow Moonstone Pendant
Mauve / Cream Agate Jewelry Pendant
Medium Pink Rose Quartz Generator
Meteorite Pendant
Minerals in the Agate Geode Slice Decor Accent
Misc. Style Quartz Pendulumns 11 total
Modern Designer Larimar Necklace Pendant
Modern Golden Tiger Eye Pendant
Modern Purple Amethyst Pendant Slide
Modern Setting for An Old Favorite Amber Pendant
Modern Southwest Turquoise(Dyed Howlite) Pendant with Ornate Bail
Moldavite & Clear Quartz DT Pendant
Moldavite / Tourmaline Bracelet
Moldavite Pendant
Mookite Pendant
Mother of Pearl Scalloped Sterling Silver Pendant
Mother of Pearl, Black Onyx with Blue Topaz Pendant
Natural Ammonite Cuff Bracelet
Natural Agate Geode Slice from Brazil
Natural Baltic Amber with Flora Embedded
Natural Baltic Amber with Insect Parts
Natural Citrine Point
Natural Citrine Point / Generator
Natural Crystals of Amethyst Earrings
Natural Growth of Stone Decor Item
Natural Pink Jasper Pendant
Natural Shell, Citrine, Peridot Pendant
Natural Smoky Citrine
Nature's Combination Geode
Not for sale
Ocean Jasper Earrings
Ocean Jasper Peach Moonstone Pendant
Ocean Jasper Pendant
Ocean Jasper Pendant Pear Shaped
Ocean Jasper Stud Earrings
One of a Kind Amethyst & Blue Topaz Necklace
One of a Kind Designer Pendant
One of Kind Designer Necklace of Nautilus Shell Sea Blue Chaledony Necklace
One Side of Elephant Stone Bookends
Onyx Goblet / Chalice Set
Open Geode Pocket Crystals Agate
Open Work Sterling Silver / Rainbow Earrings
Ornate Blue Topaz Earrings
Ornate Malachite Ring Sizes 6 or 8
Orthoceras Ring Size 8
Other side of Amethyst
Other side of Larimar Ring
Oval Malachite Ring Size 7
Ovals of Smoky Quartz Bracelet
Pampa Tsavorite Egg
Pastel Rainbow Moonstone Pendant
Patterns and Crystals Geode Slice
Patterns of Agate Growth
Patterns of Brown & White Agate Decor Item
Patterns of Browns & Tans Natural Agate Slice
Patterns of Sodalite Stone / Rock Bookends
Peach Calcite
Pear Shape Aquamarine 14kt Gold Earrings
Pear Shaped Madeira Citrine 14kt Stud Earrings
Perfect for Any Room, Any Decor Stone Bookends
Peru Green Opal Ring Size 8 1/2
Peru Pink Opal Ring size 7
Petrified Peanut Wood Pendant
Phantom Quartz Sphere / Ball
Picture of included neck chain
Pink Agate Obelisk
Pink Crystals White Agate
Pink Jasper Stone Ring Size 9 1/2
Pink Rose Quartz Modern Pendant
Pink Sapphire / Larimar Ring Size 9
Pink Sapphire Larimar Pendant
Pinkish / Green Abalone or Paua Shell Pendant
Pinto Agate Stone Pendant
Pretty Patterns of Pink Obelisk
Rainbow Calcilica Ring
Rainbow Moonstone & Amethyst Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings
Rainbow Moonstone & Garnet Bracelet
Rainbow Moonstone Free Form Pendant
Rainbow Moonstone, Citrine & Smoky Quartz Bracelet
Rainbows of Colors Moonstone Ring Size 9
Rectangle of Labradorite Pendant
Red Garnet, Golden Citrine and Fossiled Jasper Slide Pendant
Red Jasper , Golden Citrine & Garnet Pendant
Rhodochrosite Pendant
Rhyolite Paper Weight
Rhyolite, Citrine, Garnet Pendant
Rose Quartz & Garnet Necklace
Rose Quartz Pendant
Rose Quartz Pendant with Oversized Hinged Bail
Rose Quartz Point
Rose Quartz Slider Pendant
Round Amber Ring size 9
Round Blue Labradorite Ring Size 9
Round Golden Amber Ring size 8
Round Malachite Ring Size
Round Wood Display Base
Russian Charoite Pendant
Russian Charoite Pendant
Russian Charoite Ring Size 6
Rutiled Clear Quartz Sterling Silver Pendant
Sapphire Bracelet Links
Sardonyx Decor Item
Sardonyx Agate Decor Item
Satin Spar Selenite Sphere 3 inch
Search Our Online Inventory
Selenite / Fluorite / Calcite
Selenite Plate / Wand SEL1389
Selenite Wand / Plate SEL708
Selenite Wand SEL4
Selenite Wand SEL764
Sequoia Petrified Wood Bookends
Shades of Teal Green Agate Slice
Shades of Grey Moonstone Cat's Eye Pendant
Shades of Rio Carnelian Decor Item
Shades of Tan Agate Slice
Shapes of Stone
Sherry Topaz and Petrified Peanut Wood Pendant
Sherry Topaz, Petrified Peanut Wood Black Onyx Pendant
Side View
Side View
Side view of obsidian
Silver or Black Rectangle Light Box
Small Agate Geode
Small Agate Geode Paperweight with Hole
Smokey Quartz Bracelet
Smoky Quartz Rutile Sphere / Ball
Smoky Quartz with Rutile Sphere 100% Natural
Snowflake Obsidian Pendant
So Beautiful Agate Slice with Display Stand
So Different Agate Bookends
So Tiny So Cute Geode Paperweight or For Display
Sodalite Bookends for Large Books
Spiral Carnelian Ring Size 7
Spirals ofGreen Obsidian Earrings
Square 'o Labradorite Pendant
Squares of Carnelian Designer Bracelet
Star Rose Quartz Sphere 2 inch
Sterling Silver Amethyst Floating Heart Pendant
Sterling Silver Chains
Sterling Silver Necklace Extender
Sterling Silver Snake Chain 18"
Stone Bookends
Storm Clouds in the Agate
Strawberry Quartz Pendant
Stretch Bracelet bead lot
Stripes of White and Blue Agate Obelisk BOB1208
Super Size Labradorite Pendant
Swirls and Curls of Blue Agate Slice
Swirls of Blue Agate with Crystal Pocket
Swirls of Blue Agate Slice
Swirls of Blue and Green Larimar Pendant
Swirls of Green Agate Stone Obelisks GOB515
Tan Agate Paper Weight Geode
Tan and Green Agate Stone Obelisk
Teal Green Agate Slice
Teal Green, Tan and White Agate Stone Oblisks
Teal Labradorite Pendant
Teardrop of Kona Agate Sterling Silver Pendant
Teardrop of Rose Quartz Pendant
Three Beads of Honey Amber Earrings
Three Colors of Amber Earrings
Three Stone Pendant With White Moonstone & Garnet
Three Stones of Blue Larimar Bracelet
Three Stones of Golden Labradorite Pendant
Tiger Eye Pendant
Tourmaline & Rainbow Moonstone Bracelet
Tourmaline / Amethyst Bracelet
Triangle of Amber Ring size 7
Triangle of Blue Lace Agate Ring Size 7
Triliote Cuff Bracelet
Trillion Blue Topaz Pendant
Tsavorite Egg
Twisted Sterling Silver Chain 16 inches
Two Hearts of Carnelian Agate Pendant
Two Stones of Labradorite Pendant
Two Stones of Rainbow Moonstone Pendant
Unakite Bracelet
Unique & Beautiful Labradorite Pendant
Unique Agate Geode
Unique Agate Geode with Crystal Pocket
Unique and Stately Agate on Wood Base
Unique Estate Jewelry Designer Lapis Lazuli & Pink Tourmaline Pendant 14KT White Gold
Unique Growth of Agate Rock Decor Slice
Unique Patterns of Colors Agate Slice
Unique Rainbow Quartz Pendant
Unique Stone Bookends
View of Blue Topaz Bracelet
What a Statement Larimar Earrings !
White Dendritic Agate Jewelry Pendant
White Agate Geode
White Among the Blue Agate Slice
White and Tan Agate Sterling Silver Pendant
White Druzy / Drusy Agate Pendant
White Moonstone & Garnet Dragon Fly Pin/Pendant
White Moonstone / Black Onyx Pendant with Chain
White Moonstone Ring size 7
White Mother of Pearl Ring size 8
White Onyx Tea Light
White Pearls & Gems
Yellow / Purple Flourite Octahedra FL626
Yellow Fluorite Egg
Zebra Onyx Business Card Holder / Pen Holder with Hummingbird