Amethyst Geodes & Agate Geodes for All Decors

Agate & Amethyst  Geodes
Looking for a special amethyst geode, amethyst plate, amethyst decorative item, amethyst cluster, amethyst room or office accent item, agate geode, agate slice, agate decorative item, agate room or office accent items. stunning foyer or building lobby accent items, table, mantle or shelf size stone accent items please email us.

Our grading system is the one used in Brazil not a made up system. Nature's Emporium only stocks grade A and above items. Grade A is one of the best available, followed by grade a+. The more ++ after the a the better the grade but all grade are fairly equal in quality, just a little better crystals or color. Superior grade is the highest grade offered on the web site. Only museum grade is a higher grade than superior.