Moldavite and Amethyst Swirl Pendant

 Moldavite and Amethyst Swirl Pendant
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Green moldavite set in sterling silver with an oval amethyst. The pendant is app. 1 3/4 inches long, 1 inch wide. You will receive the pendant shown in a gift box. Click on the picture for a larger view.

This moldavite comes from the Arkadian collection and is 15 millions years old. Moldavite fell in the form of a large meteorite, and scattering the moldavite throughout a small area of the Czech Republic. Moldavite is a rare gem stone and only a few localities where it can be mined quanity and one by one those sources are exhausted. Moldavite is born of fire and its essence is fire. Moldavite in the Arkadian Collection has been brought to from the Czech Republic to an ancient site, called Bhrugu Aranya in the Tatra Mountains of Poland. All of the stones are cleansed and placed in a healing temple for 24 hours, where ancient Ayurvedic fires are performed. Our customers had reported takes the moldavite from the source in the Czech Republic to an ancient fire temple in Poland where the stones are then left to activate and absorb the energy there. To the customers that have already purchased items from this collection, the comments are the energy is different, more vibrant, more in harmony, more fire.